My Pizza Cutter is Awesome!

This Pizza Cutter is Awesome!

My Pizza Cutter!Yes, my pizza cutter really is awesome! Which many moons ago is something I would have felt weird about saying… okay I still feel weird about it, but hear me out. Because I said so!

One of the stranger parts of getting older is how important the “little” things seem to get. Like my friend who had a “beloved spatula,” who would get bent out of shape if the spatula was dirty when he wanted to cook something.

I thought he was a bit crazed at the time, but now that I am more mature, I’m beginning to understand it!

Anyway, a couple of years back my husband presented me with this fabulous Culina Pizza Cutter. I was dubious. I have famously small hands, lousy eye-hand coordination, and the only pizza cutter I had ever seen in anyone’s home was ye old rolling type, you know, the ones with the circle on a handle.


So… Is It Really “Really Good?”

Uh, no. It’s not really good, this thing is awesome. FAR easier to clean, far quicker to use, and more usable in other situations.

It’s not like we eat pizza constantly – we don’t, not even every week. However, when we do, this thing makes the hassle of it all just a little bit less. And a little bit less of a hassle is a total win-win, from my perspective. Plus I have used it for other things. Brownies? Check. Quiche? Well, I will, next time I make a quiche, come to think of it!

This puppy is well made, not as scary to use as it looks, and has held up well. And it’s totally affordable.

Looking for a housewarming gift, or a wedding present for someone and your budget is tight – consider this puppy. And get one for yourself, too.

When I bought it it was $14.99 but had a discount of $5 making a total of $9.99. When I checked today it was only $6.99 which is less than I paid!

A real steal!

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