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Beauty tips and saving money at any size and ageLike nearly all of you reading these words I have neither the energy nor a lot of time to “primp.” But as I get older I am beginning to understand that even with a tiny bit of forethought, a tiny bit of effort, and a tiny bit of financial outlay (or in a good week all three)… I can actually keep from scaring the locals. It’s possible to bring a little personal beauty into your life without spending a fortune or thirty hours a week of blood, sweat, and tears. You can be more beautiful and it doesn’t require a ton of money or primping.

So without further ado, here are some of my first manic tips for being over 40….and over size 12.

Manic Beauty Tips

First off, believe it or don’t… you really need to consider checking out your options regarding KMart.

Yes-land of “Blue light Specials”….is a reasonable place to get some nice looking, comfortable clothes. Last pair of jeans I bought were from there. Delivered to my door…$6.00. They have a rewards program called “Shop Your Way Rewards” which has provided us with so many deals that we actually felt guilty about some of them! If you have a Kmart nearby you are golden, but they do ship some of their merchandise, at least in the USA.

Next up…makeup.  Writer after writer goes on and on about their freaking eyebrows to the point that my eyes literally rolled back in my head. Then years later I break down and buy an eyebrow kit and that really is the best thing I can do for my face in 10 minutes. I recommend one like this one from Amazon. You probably don’t need a stencil or a stamp (that’s why some of the girls/women you see around look like their eyebrows are completely unreal, IMHO.) Type of Eyebrow kit to be manically beautiful

There are are about a bazillion different styles and types of eyebrow goop but the bottom line is unless you really want to splurge you don’t have to spend a fortune. The type I’m using here is less than $20. The least expensive ones – if you order from Amazon – generally have to be purchased as an “add on item.” All that means is that even as a prime member you have to spend $25 in order for it to be shipped to you at no cost. The “add on item” now even counts toward the $25 threshold, although it never used to do so. And if you’re not a “Prime” member at Amazon,  I think it’s something you should really consider. It’s worth it’s weight in gold to myself and Mr. Manic.

Nobody would ever mistake me for a fashion goddess, even when I’ve spent hours getting ready for a super special occasion or what have you. But I am finding out with each passing year… that spending at least a little bit of time and money, helps me look better and feel better all the live long day.

What are your go-to quick tips for this kind of thing? I am always willing to learn and try new things… and I am always willing to have a manic meltdown so you don’t have to (I couldn’t resist saying so…) … so if there’s something you want me to try on your behalf, drop me a note and I’ll consider it, if it is not too crazy.









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