Kenneth Branagh – Shakespeare

Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet Prop/Letter

Letter used in Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet

Sometimes you just have to do it. You have to spend money on something you want, just because you want it. I did a side job a couple years back and this little gem came on the market, and I had to have it. Everybody knows Shakespeare and even those who don’t know Shakespeare well…have very often heard of Hamlet.

Anyone who loves Shakespeare (as I do…) has almost certainly come across both Kenneth Branagh’s work (as well as Derek Jacobi’s. This piece, from Branagh’s Hamlet, is the actual prop that Mr. Jacobi is actually holding in the photograph and in the film.

I’ve no proof, but based on a couple of things I’ve seen online I would bet a bit of money that the handwriting (of Hamlet’s Letter to the King) is Branagh’s himself.

Having said all of that… if you are home schooling your children and you don’t know Branagh’s work, run, don’t walk, and get some of his films out of the library. Regardless of how you feel about the arts, copious amounts of research has shown that kids who study the arts do better in every class, in every field of study.

So Mr. Husband and I (mostly him, he’s the math genius around here…) have preserved this for all time. If my family sells it for $3.00 at a yard sale after I shuffle off this here mortal coil, I will, in fact, haunt them. Lots.



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