Crochet With the Best of Them

How to Crochet With the Best of Them

As far back as I can remember, I envied those ladies who carried around their knitting projects. I watched their fingers fly, with scarcely a look down, and saw the output of thousands of stitches corralled into a beautiful scarf, afghan, or sweater. I wanted to be able to do that too. A great aunt patiently showed me some crochet when I was a pre-teen; my legendary lack of manual dexterity led me directly into frustrated tears and a wholesale discard of that particular goal. After all, we can buy scarves and afghans/throws – right? From the time I was about 11 until well into adulthood, I never touched another knitting needle or crochet hook. But it is possible to teach yourself how to crochet – if you learn from “the best of them,” many of who are sharing their expertise at low (or no) cost online.

Starting All Over Again with Crochet

Fast forward a few decades. I am now a grandmother, and once again a desire to make something beautiful – from my own needles and hands took hold. Several years ago I began by printing off “how to’s” online aimed at the absolute beginner at crochet. (I chose crochet rather than knitting, as knitting to my mind requires more physical coordination.) I was appalled at how lousy what I managed to do actually looked, but I was determined to try. And to keep trying.

Many evenings we unwind at home watching TV. So during TV time, I began to play with my needles, so to speak. I didn’t even have yarn at first. I tried making t-shirt yarn, I used twine, I tried making yarn from my plastic grocery bags.

That was a few years back.

I intend to help out here – this will potentially become a series of  “tutorials” sharing just the basics of starting to learn. I will also show you the tools I use (and where to get them) and we can progress together!



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