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money_rollWays to Make money Online

Whether you’re a teenager who would rather not flip burgers – or a person living on a fixed income who would really benefit by a few extra dollars: I’m here to tell you it can be done.

For a couple of years now my husband and I have been earning with a site called Swagbucks. It’s more or less well known these days and it is most definitely a legitimate site. We don’t spend hours and hours – and we make an average of about $170.00 a month (total)- in a very low impact way. And you get paid, via PayPal, almost immediately, when you get enough points. (It usually takes about 24 hours to get your money in PayPal from SwagBucks.)   500 “SwagBucks” will get you $5.00. Simple as that. I think you can “cash out” with as little as $3.00.

Other people make much more; partly because they are prepared to do things that we can’t or won’t – e.g. spend a lot of time, sign up for offers to be sent to their homes, etc. etc. When I say low impact, I mean low impact- we bash a few buttons on our computers, run a few apps on inexpensive cell phones and/or chrome books which we  bought for this purpose – and it is very rare that we spend even 20 minutes a day of “work” on the process.

Here’s all you need to know. First of all – if you aren’t willing to deal with lots of emails – you will want to be thoughtful with what email address you sign up to Swagbucks with initially. I am not saying that they spam you; but I am saying that sometimes signing up for an email may be your preferred way to earn a Swag Buck (SB, hereafter). You may not want that to be in your “main” email address.

If you do sign up, and are willing to let me get a (small, at no cost to you) bonus because I told you about this opportunity: click on this (referral) link. OR  you can just go to the main site at (and I do not get any “referral credit.” ) Either way works just fine, I was grateful when I found this opportunity at a time when I really needed the peace of mind an extra $170.00 or so a month could bring me. If I can do the same for just one other person then I am glad to do so.

OK: Quick How-To. The fastest, least impactful way to earn points is by watching videos under a section called “Encraves.” There is also a main “Watch” section – they will give  you some points for watching videos and they say you can earn up to $5.00 a day doing those (plain) videos…but the facts are this is impossible. They also have “apps” for cell phones which will run automatically and give you points that way. You can answer surveys, take quizzes, and do all sorts of other things on the site.

Anyway – happy trails! Other sites we recommend and use: Perk, and GiftHulk. But far and away – we get much more $$ from Swagbucks than any of the others. If you have questions, drop a note and I will try to get back to you. I’m still building this site out and as you can see… It’s very slow going!

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