Make Money Online? Sure! Been doing it for years…

Whether you’re a teenager who would rather not flip burgers – or a person living on a fixed income who would really benefit by a few extra dollars: I’m here to tell you it can be done.

For a couple of years now my husband and I have been earning with a site called Swagbucks. It’s more or less well known these days and it is most definitely a legitimate site. We don’t spend hours and hours – and we make an average of about $170.00 a month (total)- in a very low impact way. And you get paid, via

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To What End? What Now?

Some commentators to this blog originally asked – quite rightly- what I was hoping to accomplish by writing my semi-scathing list of  (untrue) things that most of my fellow Americans believe.  One person pointed out that one Label that says "Please Remove this Label"doesn’t see, for example, a football coach telling his team “ah, you guys believe a bunch of crap, but anyway, then, go out and win!” and expecting their team to go out and be completely victorious after a “pep talk” like that.

That part of their point is fair enough. Nobody inspires their team to win by saying or implying that they’re a

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Seven Untrue Things Most Americans Believe

The following is an essay written by me a couple of years ago. The facts seem to me to be the same way today. Sign reads "Stay out, Stay Alive"

I have the good fortune (and the interesting experiences) of both living with and working with a number of people who are not Americans by birth; including my husband and the clients I work with who hail from all over the world. I have noticed recurring themes that my fellow ‘mericans seem to adamantly believe and or assume about this country and the world. The only problem is these strongly held beliefs are untrue. That doesn’t

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Who Are You Anyway? And What is a Manic Meltdown?

As we chose a new framework for the re-launch of Manic Meltdown; the image of the Buddha (which calms me always…) spoke to me as being the perfect thing. At the same time, it seemed to be in contradiction, because all Buddhist teachings of course stand in opposition to what we might think of as a “manic meltdown.”

And then it came clear. When one “melts down” the mania of modern life – the fear, the worry, the constant running around and doing every minute, every second, every hour (which most of us in the western world do constantly…) what

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